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Who am I

What you are reading here is what I want everyone who could be my potential partner to know, so I'm sharing the most remarkable memories which happened to me during my life.

I'm 41 years old, born in Kuwait, and lived there for14 years before my family moved to Amman in 1991, where I continued my schooling. Then I went to the University of Jordan and studied special education.

I had to work while I was studying at the university to pay the expenses, and this was my choice at that time to be an independent person (if I went back in time, it would not be my choice).

So, I worked in different restaurants as a cooker, cashier, and waiter; sometimes, I worked in a building materials shop and an internet cafe preparing soft drinks for clients.

It was an exciting experience that affected me by shaping my personality and skills. The beautiful and common factor in all that experience was that I got a promotion in all my positions within just two months in all places where I worked (or I became the key person in that work).

After this remarkable time, I started my professional experience working with Orange Jordan in 2000 as a call center representative then I moved to the sales department as a performance management manager. I stayed in Orange for seven years. It was an absolute professional business school, which supported me in developing my skills at a compelling and high level before I moved to Saudi Arabia.

At the end of 2007, I got a good offer from Zain KSA; I moved to Riyadh after spending almost 16 years in Jordan. I worked in all departments within Zain except the technical, and I built an intense experience in strategy and performance management during seven years of working closely with more than five CEOs.

After that, I worked for two years for STC (the biggest telecom operator in the middle east) in a senior position, and now I'm working for a very challenging and lovely company called ITC as a strategy director.

After 20 years of experience working closely with seniors from different nationalities and cultures, supporting all who worked with me in business and personal dimensions, I decided to become a professional life coach.

Therefore, I became a certified professional coach at Erickson Coaching International Institute and started a new journey doing what I love to do, supporting people to convert their dreams into reality.

My primary driver was my personal development and belief that every one of us has the successful resources to reach what we dream. I achieved all my dreams because I believed in my capabilities and skills.

From a poor student who did not have some days money to eat to a man who married a wonderful woman who he loved. While no one at that time could believe that I could marry her because of our culture, but again I did that because I used to achieve most of my dreams by believing in myself.

Today I have a very successful life with a small lovely family consisting of two daughters and one son, living full of peace and satisfaction (thank God).

Moreover, still, I'm dreaming and aim to keep achieving my dreams.

I will always keep supporting people to convert their dreams to be real because I love to see the world have happier creators.

If you reach this sentence while reading about me, we may need to talk more, so let's chat.

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